So, as I’ve discussed in the “What’s the Deal” page that I’m sure you didn’t read because you aren’t real, I’ve been graciously given the brilliant opportunity to do a total rebranding of my shitty wordpress domain sweet blog, clearly putting me years ahead of all those who were forced to go through another year of hell. Things have been going pretty great for me, as I made apparent by disavowing my former school!


Living the fucking dream… Well, the American one, at least.


So It Begins

Welcome one, welcome all!

We’re starting a few weeks late! What does that mean? Well, the thing is that this whole blog is, drum roll please… A Course Requirement! And you know what that means, nothing but the best, most sincere work being pumped from my mind into your eyes like┬ámy brain’s a bottle of Clear Eyes!

So why are we late? Well, this was supposed to be a week-to-week deal, but of course here we are, well underway yet just starting out. In a way this is an alright place to start, as we get to cleanly skip over the entire first portion of this project, and get directly to the meat.

So then, what’s the whole deal with this game, and capstone, and all that jazz? Well, in the simplest terms, I’m the art director of a group working on a Virtual Reality Horror Experience

I’m working with three other students to create what has been, for several years now, a dream project of mine. Whether by my own ability to pitch it, or pure luck, this pet project of mine was picked up as our team’s capstone project, giving me the motivation I need to really make this class work for me.

Anyhow, as mentioned, this is a weekly sort of deal, so I’ll be back once a week at least to tell you all how everything is going (Or not going, if that should be the case).